Starbuzz Grape Freeze Hookah Tobacco: Lusciously Refreshing

Another surprise from Starbuzz’s freeze series is Starbuzz Bold Grape Freeze. If you are a grape person, then you are going to fall in love with it. Being a part of the manufacturer’s BOLD line of hookah tobaccos signifies mystery, spur, and daring. If you want to learn more about this mesmerizing shisha blend, do stick with us till the end. So, let’s get started.

How Does It Taste?

Neither is it overwhelmingly sweet nor chilling. Starbuzz has struck a delicate balance between the tangy juiciness of grape and the refreshing coolness of mint. Open the pack, and you will be hit by a medley of fragrance that perfectly matches the flavors. It is a nicely chopped shisha with a fair amount of juice content.

How Does It Feel to Smoke?

It has been manufactured using dark leaves of Virginia Tobacco, which have a high content of nicotine. As compared to the blonde tobaccos, you are going to get a better buzz.

Having a decent juice content also helps it to last much longer. A single bowl of Starbuzz Bold Grape Freeze can offer you an excellent 45 to 60 minutes long smoke session. Moreover, the manufacturer is famed for the best smoke output in the industry. Despite how you pack it, you are guaranteed to blow some deliciously large thick smoke clouds. Compare it with any famous brand; no one can beat the thick gigantic clouds Starbuzz shisha emits.

However, it also depends on how you stuff the shisha in your hookah bowl and what charcoal you use to heat it. Generally, the sprinkling method allows you to enjoy the best flavor characters of grape and mint. However, we recommend you opt for the best packing styles suitable for the bowl you use. There are two kinds of coals available in the market, which are quick lights and coconut shell charcoals. For extensive sessions, coconut shell coal is the most efficient option. It endures for a more extended duration and offers clean smoke.

What Are the Available Quantity Options?

Starbuzz Bold Grape Freeze Hookah Tobacco is currently available in three packs. First is the 100 grams pack costing only $11.99, followed by a 250 grams pack. It comes for $21.99, while the bulk pack of one kilo comes for only $81.99. Initially, you can order a smaller package for a test session. If you find it appealing, hunch back to their online store to shop for more.

How Everyone Feels About Starbuzz Bold Grape Freeze?

This refreshing grape mint fusion has been a hit in the hookah world. If you are an avid Hookah smoker, then you must have already tried it. Everything will encaptivate you from its soothing scent to its subtle but delicious flavors and provide you a fascinating experience.

If you want to experience something that is not overwhelmingly fruity but scrumptiously delightful, then Starbuzz Bold Grape Freeze Hookah Tobacco is a must-try. Come on, without any further delay, place your order now.

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