Tell Your Child I love You In Their Lunch Box

Tell Your Child I love You In Their Lunch Box

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  1. Telling your child I love you in their lunch box is a wonderful way of expressing that you miss them while they are at school. A great way to do this is with a small heart shaped I love you note attached to their juice box or attached to the inside of the lunch box. When it is opened they will see the heart and the I love you.

    Use red construction paper and cut out a heart. In blue pen write I love and miss you, love mom or dad. Use clear tape and attach to the juice box, so when they go to open the juice they see the note attached. A huge grin will soon appear to little lips. However, the note can also be taped to the inside top of the lunch box so when they open it will be right there for them to see.


    Children love to get special notes from a parent that is tucked away in spots. It could be a lunch box or even their backpack. Remember it’s the little things in life that mean the most and that will be remembered for years to come. Say I love you in a way that will put a smile on a face that misses home during the day and see what happens when they arrive home from school. I bet you will get a huge hug and kiss from that little one that means so much to you. After all, children make the world go around.

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