Vitamin D Cuts Cancer Risk by 50%

Vitamin D Cuts Cancer Risk by 50%

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  1. Who ever thought that taking an inexpensive nutritional supplement could dramatically lower your risk of developing cancer, diabetes, heart disease and even Alzheimer’s disease? Vitamin D has been shown to directly influence more than 3000 genes by regulating their ability to prevent and control many deadly diseases. Extensive scientific evidence finds that checking your Vitamin D blood level and supplementing as necessary is one of the best things you can do to ensure your health and longevity.

    Vitamin D Works at the Genetic Level

    Every cell in our body has evolved with a receptor for Vitamin D. If insufficient amounts of the vitamin (actually a prohormone) are in circulation, these receptors aren’t filled entirely and viruses can take command of the cell, injecting their viral payload.

    According to a study published in Genome Research, optimizing Vitamin D levels can reduce the risk from many forms of cancer and diabetes by more than 50% and lower the incidence of heart disease by 43%. That’s quite an accomplishment for a single nutrient.

    Vitamin D Fights the Flu and Common Cold

    People who supplement with Vitamin D are amazed that they never seem to develop a cold or come down with the flu, even when everyone around them is sneezing and coughing. Vitamin D functions in two ways to prevent these common ailments, first by blocking the pathway that pathogens use to infect the cells, and further by regulating genes which promote the release of a natural antibiotic produced by the body. A proper Vitamin D level boosts our natural immunity, reduces systemic inflammation and is critical to warding off a host of deadly diseases.

    Vitamin D and the Fight against Cancer

    Vitamin D researchers indicate that 30% of cancer death could be averted each year by ensuring optimal blood levels. Vitamin D works against cancer by inhibiting each of the four stages necessary for cancer development and growth.

    Many cancers are caused by a genetic mutation that occurs during cellular replication. Vitamin D provides the blueprint required by each cell to accurately divide, and when the vitamin isn’t present at a sufficient level, the cell uses a less efficient method which can lead to DNA damage.

    Make Sure You Aren’t Vitamin D Deficient

    By some estimates, 85% of the population is Vitamin D deficient. Millions are placing themselves at risk for disease and early death by ignoring this vital nutrient. The problem is that sun exposure may not provide you with optimal levels as you age, and multi vitamins provide too little and use a form which isn’t well absorbed by our cells.

    Don’t risk your health thinking your multi vitamin and sun exposure are enough to protect you. The only way to know for sure is to have a simple blood test performed (25 (OH)D) by your doctor or independent lab, and ensure your level is above 50 ng/ml. This indicates that all your cells are properly saturated and you have maximum protection. If you need to supplement, choose an oil-based Vitamin D gelcap which is much better absorbed than a dry powder capsule.

    Volumes of scientific evidence demonstrate that Vitamin D is essential to your health and can increase lifespan. This critical prohormone has been shown to the lower risk of many inflammatory and immune based diseases, including cancer by up to 50%. Don’t take a chance with your health – get your blood tested and supplement accordingly to reap the many life extending health benefits of Vitamin D.

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