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Can anyone advise me on great places to eat (fast food or other) for my Trip to Brooklyn?

Jamar Connell Posted

Can anyone advise me on great places to eat (fast food or other) for my Trip to Brooklyn?

Trina Good

Depends on what you have a taste for:

Roberta’s (known for its wood-fired pizzas, with a separate takeout area)

crab spot (seafood)

Soco (southern food)

Gino’s (Italian restaurant) 

Tanoreen (Lebanese food)

James (French restaurant) 

Fonda (Mexican)

Puerto Viejo (Dominican)



If you are looking for traditional fast foods, burgers, hotdogs, chicken etc…BurgerFi is good food made from scratch but still fast food.  Nathan’s of course, Great Place Dumpling(chinese food), Subs N Stuff, Gyro King (building is a bit old but the food is GREAT These are primarily located near the Bay Ridge. A better description of where you will be staying will help get more choices that are near (walking distance) to you. So I’ll give you a link that shows restaurants and areas so you can choose what’s closest to you as well as price range for what you are willing to spend. Many you can click into and get the menus so you’ll know what they have before spending the time and getting there and seeing anything you like. It has hotdogs in the title but it’s all fast foods and the best ones, with ratings…

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