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Can you cure sinus pain?

Ayumi Mimiko Posted

Can you cure sinus pain?

Anette Wall

What is the cause if your sinus pain? If you are suffering from congested sinuses you may want to try a steam face bath.

Fill up a bowl with warm water, and hang your head over the bowl. You may want to put a towel over your head to isolate the steam.  Adding squeezed lemon to the water will help as well. Also try drinking peppermint tea, this is another natural remedy which can help a great deal.


If you have a serious sinus infection, you need to visit a doctor.

Hussy Robert

The Main reason of sinus is cold. Cold weather blocked your sinus and it’s affact of your cheecks , forehead and nose. For cure this,Apply a warm compress all over your forehead, cheeks and nose. After that you Use a humidifier.

Eva Chava
  1. Use a saline nose spray. Ask your doctor or pharmacist to suggest a plain saline spray. …
  2. Use a humidifier. …
  3. Apply a warm compress. …
  4. Use an over-the-counter (OTC) decongestant nose spray. …
  5. Take OTC pain relievers.
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