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Data and analytics engineers for Gentrack Logical Data Model

Nataly Clark8

As the energy and utilities companies are increasingly trying to rebuild themselves for a more sustainable future, legacy software and data gathering challenges impede their progress. Gentrack developed a solution that can bring essential technological features to these companies, from data collection to smart billing. As Gentrack’s software and services became more and more sought-after, they needed additional BI and D&A experts to join their in-house team to develop a completely new data and analytics layer. Globaldev’s specialists joined Gentrack to design and develop the solution. Now, the Gentrack Logical Data Model provides a unified source and a comprehensive customer view, facilitating quicker report, dashboard, and analytics generation, while also supporting the integration of AI/ML applications atop a multitude of pre-established utility-focused KPIs. Need more info on this case? Click here

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