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Do you believe that the war in Ukraine is a hoax?

Verdun2 Posted

Recently, I learned that some people are confident that the situation happening in Ukraine is just a hoax, and I just can’t accept that they actually believe it. What are your thoughts on the whole situation in Ukraine?


I agree that most people know how bad the whole situation is, and it’s necessary to spread awareness about the war and support Ukrainian citizens because right now is the worst time for them, and the least we can do is financially support various organizations and projects like Anyway, they don’t make the situation any worse, and most of them can easily change their mind by looking at the photos and videos from Ukraine.


These people are just amplifying disinformation, but I’m pretty sure that most people understand that the war is quite serious, and it can actually lead to WW3, so we just need to support Ukraine and hope that everything will be over soon.

What is your question?

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