Do you travel much?

June Manning Posted Anonymous deleted answer

Do you travel much and if so, where and where will you go next?

Pablo Solinio

Travelling is my favorite activity. Really I do like to visit different countries and to learn new cultures for me. I think it’s cool!


Life is short. You cannot waste all your money off by traveling. You should think more of the future and invest more. Then you have hope that when you become retired, you will have money to live on.

Nil Mel0

I’m in love with traveling and it’s so cool to travel using ATV you can buy an atv storage box and store there different things such as tents products and so. It’ so cool for those who love extreme holidays. Nothing can be better than it.


I travel a lot, but I would like to travel a lot more, but since I don’t work, I have time and opportunities for it too, I run my own blog – about gambling, and most of the time I visit cities where there are some famous casinos.

Alexia Hunt

Actually yes, quite often. First of all, I am working in the travel industry, so I often have business trips. Also, I like to go on travels with friends or family too. Next time I am going to Europe for a month. Currently planning all the details of the trip