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Does advertising on Facebook work?

Anonymous Posted

Does advertising on Facebook work?

Nicholas Wong

Yes of cause! But you will be paying a lot of the adv! I tried it before and in 1 week I paid more than what I am selling. But now earning more! 🙂 Try create a page and a account. By creating an Fb acc try add as many friends as possible so more people will be shown your post its like adv.


Yes it does, Make a page for the business/product you want to advertise, start by making an announcement to friends and family to head over and like the page you just created. The more likes you get the more relevant your page will look.

Next Join groups on Facebook, there are so many groups on Facebook such as “business classifieds” or “small business in _____ town ) 

Post a few status updates weekly on your page to make people aware that it is a monitored page. List any promotions, pricing, common questions on the page.

Last but not least, Network with other business owners. 

What is your question?

*Sadly, we had to bring back ads too. Hopefully more targeted.