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Even though Ive deleted quizzes from my BubbleBlasters account they still appear on my handheld device. Is there a file I need to delete on the handheld?


Yes, there is a file you need to delete from your handheld to delete the quizzes once you have deleted them from the website. The file is called BBTextDB. The bad news is, the only way you can delete it directly from your handheld is by using a third-party piece of software that enables you to access all of the files on your handheld (Your handheld will not list the file in the Delete section). One such program is BeamPRO. With BeamPRO, available at, you can access and delete the file you need. You can download a free demo, or purchase it for $8. Or… you can do it the free, circumnavigatory way. 1. Delete BubbleBlasters from your handheld. 2. On your desktop computer, go to the Palm folder. 3. Open the folder for the user in question. 4. Open the Backup folder. 5. Delete BBTextDB. 6. Re-install BubbleBlasters to your handheld. 7. HotSync. 8. Make sure all of your BubbleBlasters settings are correct in the HotSync Manager conduit setup. 9. HotSync ag

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