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How do I export references from my RefWorks account to EndNote or another database?


To export a copy of all or part of your RefWorks database to your computer so that it can be loaded into EndNote or another bibliographic database programs: • From the References or Tools menu select Export. Select either All References or a specific Folder. • Under Export Format select the format you want to create: • Bibliographic Software (EndNote, Reference Manager, ProCite) — Saves the database in a tagged format that can import into another bibliographic management program. It is the format sometimes called the RIS Format or Reference Manager Format and can be imported into Reference Manager, ProCite, EndNote, or any other program that supports the RIS Format. • BibTeX Ref ID — Saves the database in the file format for use with the LaTeX document preparation system. n n Citation List Creates a list to use when writing your paper offline. The format includes the RefID, Authors Primary, Title Primary, and Publication Year only. • RefWorks Tagged Format — Saves the database in a

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