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How do I keep a Beagle puppy from chewing up objects when Im at work?


How do I keep a Beagle puppy from chewing up objects when Im at work?


A beagle is NOT the dog to have in a one dog home or if no one is around all day! They were bred to hunt and to hunt in packs. We have a part beagle, part Australian shepherd. Lovely dog, also a year old. He runs out in the pasture with the other two dogs until they are all panting and then he still has energy to play! I would strongly suggest, in your situation, to find your pup a good home with room to run and children to play with (they are excellent with kids), and, if you want an animal which can tolerate being alone and the only animal, probably a cat would be a better choice. If you refuse to give up your beagle, then what you need to do is take that dog out for long walks and runs both before and after work. Do NOT feed puppy chow as that is too high in protein. And give her plenty of chew toys — the kind you can hide doggy treats in would be a good choice to keep her busy for a long time. But please consider giving her a better home. You may be the nicest, most loving person

tracy mclaren

My best advice would be to get the puppy a chew toy whether it’s something you buy or something old in the house they you don’t mind if the puppy chews it up. You can also get him/her a rawhide bone which can be chewed up. You will also need to start teaching him/her that it’s naught to chew up your stuff.

Susan Biffath

Crate training is a fantastic way of keeping your mischievous  puppy from getting into trouble when your not around plus it satisfies their instinct to den and also can give them a sense of security .

Lacy Sheridan

Your dog is most likely chewing for one or a combination of three reasons: boredom, teething, and not knowing any better. As nobody is home, your dog has nobody to socialize and play with, and chewing is a natural boredom fighter in dogs. They also may be teething if they’re still very young, so check their gums for blood or teeth poking through. A trick that helps with dogs I know that are teething is freezing bagels and giving them to the dog to chew on. It gives them a nice treat and helps with the pain. Since beagles aren’t very big, you might want to try half a bagel or another smaller treat. To combat the training issue, your dog should not be left loose home alone. Until you are sure your dog won’t be destructive when unsupervised, they should always be crated when you’re not home to watch them. This will not only prevent them from destroying your stuff, but keep them from doing it in a way that reinforces the behavior to them (as it does when you’re not home). If a dog chews something up and nobody stops them, even if it’s only because nobody is home, they learn that it’s fun and okay. I would absolutely advise to invest in a good crate to keep your puppy in when you’re not able to watch them. The best sized crate for training is big enough that the full-grown dog can stand up without bumping their head on the top and comfortably turn in a full circle, so you may want to go a size up from what will fit your dog now so they’ll fit as an adult. When you can’t watch your puppy, keep them outside or in their crate. If they try to chew on something they shouldn’t, take it away from them (do not tug or wave it around, this will only make them think it’s a game), tell them “no”, and quickly replace it with something they can chew on, like a toy or bone. This teaches them to go to their things when they want to chew, and also reinforces “no” in their mind as a cue to stop what they’re doing and find something else to do.

As far as crate training your puppy, which you will need to do if you get a crate, it’s a very valuable thing for a dog to learn, because there are tons of instances where your dog may be confined to a crate for travel or in an emergency and need to be comfortable for your sake and theirs. Put in their bed or blanket so they’re comfortable and have something familiar, a shirt or towel or something that you don’t mind getting dirty that smells like you (don’t wash it beforehand, so it smells really good) so that the dog has the comfort of your scent in there with them, and plenty of things for them to do. Add a favorite toy, a bone or Kong, and a couple extra toys just so they have something to keep them busy. If possible add a water bowl. Your dog will bark and howl the first several times they’re left in the crate, and as difficult as it sounds you should not respond to them, not even to tell them “no”. Dogs will take negative attention (“no”, yelling, etc.) over no attention at all, and if they’re ignored they will learn to settle down. The good news is your dog is just a puppy still, so they’ll learn fairly quickly. When you have the time to work with them, play games with the crate like tossing treats inside for your puppy to run and get, or shutting them in for a few seconds at a time and then letting them out for tons of praise and treats. They’ll learn to love their crate. Most dogs’ problem with crates is purely because of the lack of attention, but they are built to have a small, cozy place that’s all theirs and once they get used to being crated most dogs love having their little “den”. Many will even choose to sleep in it over anywhere else in the house once they’re trained. 


You may have to face this problem due to a few reasons. First thing is they always think to chew something to sharp up their teeth. Another thing is your puppy wants to play. So, if you can fulfill these two, definitely you can get rid of from this problem and your solutions also make your puppy happy. As solutions, you can buy a suitable toy to chew and there are some toys which add certain nutrition as well. However, it would be better to keep your valuable things in a safe place until you find a good solution. 🙂


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