How Do You Catch A Field Mouse?

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If you start hearing rustling noises in your walls and finding small spherical droppings on your floors, then you probably have a field mouse in your home. Since mice can contaminate food and carry diseases, it is important to get rid of them as soon as possible. To catch a field mouse, you can purchase either lethal or nonlethal traps at your local hardware store. With some patience and resourcefulness, you can catch the little critter squatting in your home and easily dispose of it. Use a catch trap if you want to catch a field mouse without killing it. Available at most hardware stores, catch traps lure mice with bait and then shut the mouse inside the trap. Purchase three to four catch traps to start and place them around your home where you've noticed the mouse droppings. (You may need to purchase more if you have many mice in your house.) For the bait, use a dollop of peanut butter or raw bacon. Once you have caught a mouse, release it at least one mile from your home to make ... more
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