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How Do You Fix Missing NTLDR And Ntdetect.Com Files?


How Do You Fix Missing NTLDR And Ntdetect.Com Files?

0 and NTLDR files provide the Windows operating system with the ability to boot into its user interface. Both files are required by Windows to boot, so the error that the files are missing leaves you unable to use the machine. You can replace these files and fix your Windows machine using the Recovery Console and the Windows installation CD. The files are copied back to the hard drive and the machine is able to boot Windows again. Insert the Windows installation CD or DVD into the computer’s drive and reboot the machine. Your computer boots automatically using the installation disk and displays a default recovery console screen. Click the “R” key to choose “Recovery Console.” At the next screen, select the Windows installation that needs to be fixed. This is only required if you have more than one version of Windows installed on the machine. For most users, clicking “1” selects the version of Windows installed. Enter the administrator’s password into the command prompt. Afte

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