How Do You Make A Cardboard Cutout Stand-Up?

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1 Answer

A cardboard cutout stand-up is a life-sized image of a person or object. They are great to use at parties or events and make fun conversation pieces. You can buy stand-ups or have them professionally made, but it's very expensive. A life-sized stand-up can be made for a lot less with your own computer and printer. Find a high quality photo of the person you'd like to put on your stand-up. A photo taken with a high megapixel camera is better than a downloaded image. Use a plain, solid-colored background. Close all your open programs and restart your computer. Open a grapics software program, like Photoshop. Choose the "Resize" option from the menu. Convert the life-size height of the person to inches. Enter the number of inches in the "Image Size" field. Alternatively, purchase a program to enlarge your photo, like Block Posters or Almost Breathing. Print out the life-size photo in sections on an inkjet or color laser printer. If you'd rather have a single piece with no seams, take ... more
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