How Do You Make A Piggy Bank Out Of A Milk Jug?

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1 Answer

Milk jug piggy banks are a resourceful way to craft a bank that teaches children how to save money and handle their financial resources. Making a piggy bank out of a milk jug also helps recycle old plastic jugs to minimize impact on the local landfill. Remove the milk jug's cap and wash the milk jug thoroughly with warm water and dish detergent. Allow to dry in a cool area outside of direct sunlight. Failing to wash and dry the milk jug thoroughly may result in an unpleasant smell and bacteria growth inside the homemade piggy bank. Replace the milk jug's cap. Use the utility knife to cut the empty toilet paper rolls in half so that you have four short tubes. Lay the empty milk jug on its side in a horizontal position. Glue the tubes onto the long end of the milk jug. These will form the piggy bank's feet and legs. Allow to dry thoroughly so that the legs are secure before moving the milk jug. Cut a 5 mm wide slit on the horizontal edge of the milk jug, opposite the end that has the ... more
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