How Do You Remove Tegaderm Bandages?

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Tegaderm dressings are commonly used in health care to protect wounds and intravenous puncture sites. They're easy to remove in five simple steps without damaging the skin. Explain to the patient that you are going to remove the Tegaderm dressing. Patients usually feel more at ease when they know what to expect, especially in a hospital setting. Grasp any edge of the Tegaderm. Begin to pull back the edge with one hand, pulling in the direction of hair growth, as if you were peeling it back. Don't pull the Tegaderm straight up to avoid the pain associated with pulling out hair or disturbing skin wounds. Use a medically approved adhesive remover if the patient requests that or if the Tegaderm is very sticky. Rub the adhesive remover at the crease where the skin and Tegaderm meet to help remove of the Tegaderm. Throw the Tegaderm out after it is removed and check the skin for any new skin wounds or additional trauma to the area. more
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