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How Do You Save An Active Drowning Victim?


How Do You Save An Active Drowning Victim?


• Recognize that the victim is drowning. An active drowning victim can be identified because he is: • Not making forward progress and is vertical in the water. • Moving up and down with his head only briefly out of the water. • Unable to call for help. Someone drowning usually lacks the oxygen to yell for help. • Shout for help. No matter your experience or training, having others assist you is a good idea. • Stay calm and focused. People who panic are more likely to make mistakes and may also stress out the victim. • Tell the victim to remain calm and that you are there to help. Assess the situation and consider what you can do to save the victim. Methods for each technique are described below. • Is the victim near the edge of a pool, pier or dock? If a person is close enough to grab an arm, leg, paddle, shirt, or other similar item, try a reaching assist. • If you have one available, a shepherd’s crook can reach someone beyond the range of a reaching assist. • Use a ring buoy or othe

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