How Do You Sheetrock A Tub Surround?

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1 Answer

Whatever you use as the top material for your tub surround--tile, fiberglass panels or something more unusual--it's important that what's under it is sturdy and moisture-resistant. Moisture-resistant sheetrock is called ``wetrock,'' and it cuts and hangs just like drywall. Modern tubs are designed with an installation lip that sits against bare wall studs and accepts wetrock over the lip to help prevent moisture from seeping back into the wall. Measure the width of the wall along the wide span of the tub. Transfer the measurement to a full sheet of wetrock, and cut it at that length. Make the cut along the 4-foot side by holding the T-square at the measured mark, running your razor knife along the edge, snapping the piece at the line, then cutting behind it to separate the piece. (Note: If the wall is longer than 8 feet, then measure from the corner to the middle of the last stud before the 8-foot mark.) Set the cut piece on the long wall with the factory edge (formerly the 8-foot ... more
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