How does MSM help with allergies?

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1 Answer

Allergies are reactions set off by a breakdown in the normal functioning of the body's immune system. When this happens, a varied range of symptoms are manifested, including sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, headaches, and sleepiness, other reactions include hives, stomachache, and sore throat. MSM goes straight to the cause of allergic reactions. In this website you learned that MSM softens the skin. It does this by softening the walls of the body's cells, which are then more easily penetrated, allowing enemy substances to be flushed out. Flushing these allergens out of the body eliminates the need for the body to react allergic ally to get rid of them. This process cannot happen when the cell walls are hard and impenetrable. MSM prevents allergic reactions by coating the gastrointestinal tract in a way that makes allergen bonding impossible. Research has shown that daily doses of MSM have substantially increased resistance to environmental, food, or drug allergens. more
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