I have submitted all required items for admission but the NCSU Application Status Information Web page shows my application as incomplete. Why?


It could be for a several reasons. Have a look here https://grad.ncsu.edu/faculty-and-staff/slate/application-status/. Do not forget to fill all the sections and check good grad school resume template. Have a good luck!


If you check status on the NCSU Application Status Information Web page and status does not indicate that your application is complete BUT you know you have submitted all items THEN check the status of EACH item to see that it has been received. If each item has been received, then know that your app is COMPLETE and please DO NOT contact us. You can check your application status in GradWatch. Sometimes there is a delay between when we mark you complete in GradWatch and it is recorded by the NCSU Graduate School. Marking an application complete is a manual process and very time-consuming in peak times; we don’t always have time to update on daily basis and, yes, we fall behind.

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