Is Burberry Blue Label authentic?

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1 Answer

On One Hand: Burberry Blue Label is an Authentic LineBlue Label is an authentic line of products offered by Burberry. To determine whether a Blue Label item is authentic, a few vital pieces of information should be checked. The names should be spelled correctly and the logo should look exactly like the one shown on Burberry-BlueLabel.com. All authentic Burberry items have a unique serial number, which is stamped on a white label inside the clothing or handbag.On the Other: Fake Blue Label Items Are Also SoldFake Burberry Blue Label products do exist and are sold around the world. An authentic Blue Label item should have no loose stitching, all seams should be perfectly straight and the pattern should be perfectly even. Also, since Burberry Blue Label is sold exclusively in Japan, it is safe to assume that a Blue Label item being sold in another country or online is not authentic.Bottom LineThe Blue Label is an authentic line of products offered by Burberry. The line is sold ...
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