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Is it correct you’re working on the TV remake of Teen Wolf?

remake teen tv wolf working

Is it correct you’re working on the TV remake of Teen Wolf?


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I really liked this TV series, I watched it from the first season, a little sad from the fact that it ended, but it’s for the best. I recently stumbled upon Teen Wolf quotes, read and even shed a tear, especially from this quote:

– You’re gonna forget me.
– I won’t. No, I won’t.
– Lydia, you will. Just remember … I love you.
– I never said it back. I never said it back.

I really liked their love story.


We’ve just finished the pilot for Teen Wolf for MTV, which is branching out and doing more dramatic pieces. The pilot is not really a remake of the Michael J. Fox film. It’s still about teenagers, but this isn’t so much about the humour. This is much more scary and has a more serious tone. Obviously it still has humour in it, but we’re going for a much more serious tone and more scary. So if the tone is going to be quite different, do you think the people, particularly on the internet, who are going ‘don’t touch my 80s classic’… Well, I love the 80s one too. So we have not gone and tried to remake that. Instead it’s inspired by it, and then we take it at a different angle, so it’s a lot more real. The kids are real. The situation is more real. It’s taken seriously – in an entertaining way and with some humour in too – but it’s more a mix of horror and some good humour. We always said though that it had to feel real and very ‘now’, so the music is very modern, except when it goes into

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