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What are the advantages of Linux as compared with Microsoft Windows?


What are the advantages of Linux as compared with Microsoft Windows?


Windows and Linux are difficult to compare on equal terms due to the following factors:
* Linux is not a specific OS, there are more than 500 of them, some of them differ from each other globally, and some are just a little bit, in addition, almost every one of them has up to 100 remixes, all this is due to open source and GNU.
* The word Linux can refer to different concepts. In some cases, this is just the core of the operating system, in other cases-full-fledged operating systems in the distribution with a graphical interface.
• Both orders of systems are available in different configurations. Especially GNU / Linux, for which there are a huge number of options, some of them are designed for a narrow range of tasks.
• The price and breadth of technical support vary from vendor to vendor, as well as depending on the version and distribution.
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I think it’s best to just define your tasks and decide which system is best for them.


There are many. Probably the most important is that Linux is truly free, not only in a monetary sense (i.e., no cost) but also as far as usage is concerned. This means that it is legal (and even encouraged!) for anyone to install Linux on as many computers as desired with no payment to anybody. It also means that anyone may make any number of copies of Linux and do anything with them desired, including giving them away to friends and even selling them. It additionally means that anybody is entitled to modify Linux in any way desired and to give away or sell (with a few minor conditions) the modified version(s). Another major advantage of Linux is that it is extremely stable. That is, it is highly resistant to viruses and it rarely crashes or needs rebooting. Also, it can operate on older hardware that is unsuitable for newer versions of Microsoft Windows. In addition, it is well suited for customizing (e.g., for the requirements of a particular business or for a particular language) be

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