What do I do if my mother dog wont allow her puppies to nurse?

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1 Answer

In most cases a mothers natural instinct will take over and she will allow them to nurse, and she will care for them by keeping them warm and clean. However, in a case where she refuses to lay down and let the puppies nurse, you may have to step in and help. The first things you need to do is to try and encourage her to let them eat by actually laying her down and placing the puppies on her where they can nurse. You may be able to do this by gently petting her and keeping her calm by talking to her. In some cases you may have to be more forceful with her. Newborns need the colostrum in the mothers milk to build their immune system and you should try everything you can to get them to at least nurse a couple of times from the mother. If you are unable to make her lay down or to get the puppies to nurse, your other option is to bottle-feed them. There are specific formulas made for puppies and kittens that you can purchase. You should never feed them real milk because this can give them ... more
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