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What is a blog

Carol Burgess Posted

What is a blog

Selam Abay

A Blog is :-

  • Discussion or Informatory site

  • It can be frequently updated

  • It can be owned by Individuals or groups of writers
  • Mostly It can feature  links to other websites  and open to comments



Hi Carol,

Blog is shorthand for Web-blog.  It’s an online journal and a way to share thoughts and ideas with others.

A blog can be a way to connect with like-minded people, or even people who disagree with you.  Blogs can be used to market products, ideas and political candidates.  Blogs can be monitized to earn passive income for the owner, using advertisements and selling products related to the subject of your blog.  

A successful blog has a lot of loyal readers as well as new readers, who will become loyal readers, returning to new postings.  A successful blog has two main parts; an interesting topic and fresh content.  

Without an interesting topic, nobody will read your blog.  The internet is full of web sites and blogs, competing for attention.  If your topic doesn’t have enough people interested in your topic, no one will stop to read it.  And if your content isn’t fresh, original and entertaining, no one will come back to read what you’ve posted.  If you aren’t excited about your topic and your content, no one else will be excited either.  

You must be passionate about your topic and your blog.  If it’s about a subject that excites you, it probably will attract readers who are as excited as you are.

I hope I’ve answered your question, Carol.  Good luck in the future!


Wilbur Robinson

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