What is the difference between "BEADED", "J_HOOK" and OVERLAP" pool liner styles?

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1 Answer

A beaded liner fits within a grooved track around the perimeter of the pool wall. A "J" hook liner has an upper lip which looks like an upside-down "J" that clips over an aluminum extrusion. The coping is installed over top. An overlap liner fits over the top of the wall edge and is held in place with coping strips of 2 or 4 foot lengths. back to index General Questions: Mailing Lists: Why is my name still on your mail list after I have asked for it to be removed Once you request your name to be removed from our mail lists, it will be coded accordingly in our database. The mail lists are purged three times a year. Catalogs are pre-printed which means you will probably receive 3 to 4 additional catalogs after your request.
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