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What kind of dog is a griffon petit basset vendeen?


What kind of dog is a griffon petit basset vendeen?


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Jessie Jones

Good. Dogs, even temperament, very loyal. Coats can range from soft to wiry. Best to keep them trimmed in thee summer. And grass seeds can be a problem as they usually get stuck in their ears. Just think of a big scruffy version of a jack Russell or shitzu

Justin Malvin

I found this picture from the google link in one of the other answers. I’m no expert, but this guy looks like a scruffy dog about the size of a beagle. They look family friendly from what I can tell.



According to the American Kennel Club, the most distinguishing characteristics of this bold hunter are: his rough, untouched outlines; his proudly carried head displaying definitive long eyebrows, beard, and moustache; his strong, pointed tail carried like a saber, alert and in readiness. Important to this breed type is his compact, casual, rather tousled appearance, with no feature exaggerated and his parts in balance. 

Their coat is rough, long without exaggeration and harsh to the touch, with a thick shorter undercoat. It is never silky or woolly. These dogs have long eyebrows, but not obscuring the eyes. Their ears are covered by long hair. The lips are covered by long hair forming a beard and moustache. The tail is well furnished with hair. The overall appearance is casual and tousled. The rough, untouched outline and tousled appearance of this rustic hunting hound is essential. Any sculpting, clipping, scissoring or shaping of the coat is contrary to PBGV breed type. 

Their temperament is described as: confident, happy, extroverted, independent yet willing to please, never timid nor aggressive.

Click on the link to see what the dog looks like:….0…1ac.1.64.img..


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