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Whats the Best Sleeping Position to Stop Low Back Pain and Neck Pain?


Whats the Best Sleeping Position to Stop Low Back Pain and Neck Pain?


Lower back pain usually is catalyzed be incorrect or awkward sleeping positions. I will list the most healthiest sleeping positions for a qualitative sleep:

1. Sleeping on the back with knee support. It could be a pillow or a soft toy.

2. Sleeping on the side with a pillow between knees

3. Sleeping on the front with a pillow under stomach

4. Sleeping on the front with the face down. Make sure you don’t get suffocated. However, in case your mattress is old and of bad quality none of the sleeping positions mentioned above won’t help. A healthy lifestyle without bad habits and stress will make you more relaxed and diminish the lower back pain. In case your lower back pain doesn’t pass away that could mean a more serious problem like disc herniation and spinal stenosis. Click here to find out more about back pain and spinal endoscopic surgery.

Glen Moore15

1.Sleep on your side with a pillow between knees

2.Sleep on your back with pillow under knees

3.Fetal position

4.Sleep on the stomach with pillow under abdomen

P.S.: Sleep schedule, no caffeinated drinks and regular exercise will improve the quality of your sleep!


• This is generally considered to be the healthiest sleeping position for your spine • Use a pillow between your knees to stop the top leg dropping down and causing rotation at the spine.

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