What's the difference between Glutamine, L-glutamine, Glutamic Acid, and Glutamine Peptides?

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1 Answer

Glutamine is the amino acid in its free-form, which means it's in its whole food state, whenever you eat foods such as almonds and peanuts your ingesting glutamine amino acids. L-Glutamine is basically the same thing. Its glutamine in its free-form (whole food). The majority of supplement companies sell L-glutamine and tout it as the best form, which it is not. Glutamic Acid is familiar if one turns over their container of protein powder and sees "glutamic acid". Why not glutamine instead of glutamic acid? "The reason is that the acid hydrolysis stage of the analysis converts the glutamine into glutamic acid, releasing ammonia. Thus the glutamic acid level actually represents the combined levels of glutamine and glutamic acid." (ref). One can figure out the amount of glutamine in the glutamic acid content fairly easy. In animal proteins such as whey, casein, milk, and egg proteins 50% is actually glutamine. In plant proteins such as soy, 80% is glutamine. Glutamine Peptides in Layman' ...
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