Who used to be your favorite actor/actress but just didn’t age or progress very well?

Frank Davis Posted Anonymous deleted answer

Not physically, obviously. As in acting abilities or roles they’ve chosen.

Mine was Kevin Spacey, who I fucking loved in American Beauty when I was in high school, so I would always call him my favorite.

Outside the obvious reason he can go right in the garbage, his acting became one-note or cartoonish. Even in the good seasons of House of Cards, he was kind of silly. I think I grew out of finding the “smug argument winner” character interesting, and that seems to be the only thing he played after a while.

Mary D

I am a big fan of Enrique Iglesias. He is so handsome and talented. Also all his films are successful and interesting. Recently I have watched the most adorable video ever how he was playing with his twins. He has stolen my heart.

Masha Esina0

Russell Crowe had 5 best picture nominees in 7 years. Starred in back-to-back winners (Gladiator and A Beautiful Mind). Plus, three Oscar nominations in a row (Bradley Cooper is the only one to do it since). And the dude made $20 million for Master and Commander.

Then he hit a guy with a phone, gained a bunch of weight that he couldn’t lose from Body of lies. Now he’s half-way to Santa Claus and calling Tom Cruise “young man” in The Mummy even though he’s three years younger than him!

What makes it worse is that he’s still so fucking good in every role he takes. He just isn’t the “sexy leading man” type anymore.