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What shape of nails do you usually choose for a manicure? Why exactly this?

Natali Demon0

Almond-shaped nails help to visually lengthen and narrow the fingers, so they are ideal for owners of short or slightly plump fingers. At the same time, this is not the most durable nail shape, so if you lead an active lifestyle, often play sports or cook, this nail shape may not be the best for you. And one more small nuance: with this shape it is very inconvenient to fasten and unfasten bracelets and chains.


I try to wear different shapes of nails to find the best and the most convenient. Now I prefer almond nails with with delicate monochromatic designs. As for me, this is better than bright nails. At the same time, an almond-shaped manicure with light colors makes your hands more graceful. You can see it on the website

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