Will George W. Bush go down in history as the worst president?

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What did George W. Bush accomplish in his 7 years of presidency? It depends on who you ask. Some say nothing, I say: Family values, stepped up the security of this nation, income tax cuts, death tax, increased benefits for vets and salary, banned partial birth abortions, continued to support our allies worldwide including Israel, attack on terrorists and those who support them, no matter how unpopular he is in the polls he stays strong for what he believes is the good of the country. United the country after 911, ended Sadams regime and liberated the Iraqi people to have the freedom to vote. He has made many errors as will the next president (Obama, Clinton or McCain) and presidents before him and after. His approval rating was 70% after 911 and hit 49% in 2005. His approval rating continued to decline to its lowest today around 20%? Considering we still are fighting in two unpopular wars, the economy is suffering and he is up against a majority democratic congress who wants to take ... more
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