10 Things You Need to Know Before Traveling to Paris

10 Things You Need to Know Before Traveling to Paris

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  1. The Weather: Even before summer has officially ended, the nights in Paris can become quite chilly. During the fall, the temperature can be downright frigid, even during the day. So bring warm clothes.

    Credit-Card Tolerance: Especially in smaller stores in the French Capitol, plastic is not always welcomed. And even if it is, there is often a minimum far higher than the one or two euros a single small item might cost. Therefore, tourists should either have their money in an account that does not charge outrageous amounts for overseas withdrawals or simply carry cash.

    Admission Discounts to Tourist Sites:While admission to museums and other places of historical interest like Versailles may be discounted for students or people under a certain age, this applies mainly to citizens of European Union countries.

    Viewing the Mona Lisa: Located in the Louvre, the Mona Lisa is one of the site’s major attractions. Therefore, be prepared to be jostled or even pushed as you struggle for a place near enough to the painting that you can have your own picture taken with the Mona Lisa in the background. If asked nicely, though, people are quite willing to pull away for a few moments to give you your space.

    The Street Venders:There are plenty of street venders in Paris, especially around the most famous tourist attractions. They offer a variety of goods, and when there are many of them in one place, they are more likely to offer discounts to bargainers. And if tourists are looking to find such places as the Eiffel Tower, they can literally follow a trail of the venders selling many different models of the famous building.

    Choosing Where to Stay: While there are many hotels, hostels, and other kinds of accommodations in and around Paris, many of them are quite far from the main tourist attractions of the city. Tourists desiring to have easy access to the famous parts of the French capitol should ensure that either their accommodations are nearby or that they have an easy way to travel to their desired destinations (such as by Paris’s extensive metro system). The most extreme have been known to bring their sleeping bags and make camp in the metro itself.

    The Airports: Some of the best deals for airfare to Paris are relegated to airports that are outside of the city. To take advantage of these deals, there are economical ways of getting from those airports to the city, notably by bus.  

    Sightsee During the Day and the Night: Paris is called the city of lights for a reason. It has an entirely different feel once the sun begins to fade untill it rises again. Darkness provides the best opportunity to explore many sites, such as the Eiffel tower, which gives a dazzling light show at set intervals during the night.   

    Boat Tours: The waterways of Paris are a great way to experience the city as they are near many of the French capitols most famous buildings. And they are especially interesting under the moonlight.

    The Food: One of the best benefits of Paris is the food. There is classic French fare and many other kinds ranging from Chinese to Turkish. Going to a bakery is a delicious as well as inexpensive way to start the day. And despite the high cost of living, there are plenty of restaurants which serve flavorsome food for reasonable prices. Often, eateries near such well- known places as Notre Dame are costly, while those a short ways away offer far better prices.

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