(5) Ways to Sink the Interview Ship

(5) Ways to Sink the Interview Ship

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  1. If you’re about to set sail on your cruise to employment, be sure to avoid these (5) areas of rough water:

    1. HOW MUCH DOES THE POSITION PAY? – The job interview is not about how your needs can be met. It’s about what you can do for the prospective company. Bringing up salary, health benefits, vacation or anything related to your compensation gives the impression that you are more concerned with your own needs then those of the company. Everyone in the room is aware that hiring you is a business transaction. They know your services do not come free and they’re prepared to discuss compensation when the time is right. That time, however, is not now. Your primary focus during the interview should be on selling yourself. Discuss your strong work ethic, past employment achievements, ability to work well with others, etc. If you’re successful in making the sale, generally speaking, the company will be happy to pay any reasonable asking price.

    2. I HATED MY LAST BOSS. – Never bring up a bad exchange between you and a former employer. Doing so reflects poorly on you, not the employer. The beauty of a job interview is that it provides a clean slate for both parties involved. The company is excited about bringing fresh energy into the mix and you are excited to affiliate with a new team of professionals. If you left a previous employer on not-so-amicable terms, be sure to have a diplomatic explanation prepared regarding the departure, in the event it is needed.

    3. I CLIMBED MT. EVEREST, BLINDFOLDED AND WITH A BROKEN LEG. – I do not understand why some job applicants insist on falsifying information on their resume. If they are lucky enough not to be questioned about these falsities at the interview, surely the employer will expect them to exercise these skills once hired. And when the cat finally crawls out of the bag, everyone loses. The employer feels duped, you feel embarrassed as well as unsure about your job status (as you should), and your clean slate quickly becomes a hot mess. Honesty goes a long way. Be proud of who you are and all that you have to offer.

    4. WHAT TIME DO WE GET TO LEAVE? – Once the company extends a job offer, then and only then, is it okay to inquire about job specifics like work schedule, travel demands, work from home opportunities, etc. Remember, the primary focus of an interview is to demonstrate your value to the prospective employer. If you can capture their interest, everything else will fall into place.

    5. LATER DUDE! – Contrary to popular belief, an interview does not end when you exit the lobby. An interview ends after you send the last thank you note. With the economy the way it is, landing an interview is no easy feat. You should feel proud to have done so, and also grateful for having been selected. Therefore, be sure to send personalized thank you emails to all members of the interview team, reiterating both your potential to perform and strong enthusiasm for the position at hand.

    If you can successfully navigate these choppy waters, rest assured your journey to employment will be smooth sailing. BON VOYAGE job seekers! 🙂

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