Careers in Art

Careers in Art

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  1. Have you ever wondered if your amazing ability to draw cartoon characters could actually be put to use in a career? Or do you have uncanny talent when it comes to sculpting? Did you think that talent was just for Play-Doh? The truth is that creative minds have a significant impact on our culture, and there are actually many careers in art for creative minds. Just think about this – when studying ancient cultures, one of the most prominent points of interest is always their art, whether it be statues, poems, or portraits. Would you like to be the one to creative the masterpiece of our culture, something others can look at a hundred years from now and feel as if they really know what our culture is about. Think about it. That masterpiece could be yours.

    Actually, there are many careers in art for those especially creative minds. Of course, we all know of the "starving artist" – the one who sits in his apartment, forgetting to shave or even to eat, while he diligently sculpts a figure in clay. Yes, fine artists still exist – and can actually make money – but there are entirely new careers available for every talent.

    Fine Artist

    The fine artist is that individual who has a unique ability to capture a moment, a person, or a feeling in his painting, sculpture, or drawing. Fine artists such as da Vinci and Michelangelo have created works of art that are still renowned and visited today. Fine artists don’t always having formal training – great talent, diligence, and patience are the most important factors in this career.


    Photographers are unique in that they combine a special blend of creative talent with technical skill to create wonderful art with their photos. Although photographers do require formal training to be able to compete in today’s market, they can usually work for themselves after. Photographers can also take a host of jobs, from runway photography to commercial photography, and even advertising photography. A good photographer has natural skill in capturing a great image, a good eye for design, and knowledge of lighting, position, and other factors which will affect their photos.


    Most people don’t think of writers when they hear the word "artist", but a writer can evoke as great of an emotional response from his readers as a fine artist can from his art. Writers have the talent to capture their audience’s attention, and hold it until the message they have is given, whether that be through copy writing for websites and advertising, authoring a book, or writing for magazines and blog sites. Writers additionally have had the ability to effect change within their societies by their powerful words – just remember Thomas Paine in the time of conflict with England, or Jonathan Edward during the Puritanical Movement.

    Art Therapist

    For one who would enjoy helping others through his art, art therapy could be a great profession. Art not only evokes an emotional response from the audience, but also affects the emotions of the artist himself, and in some cases, can be a therapy. Art therapists realize this, and capture that unique ability of art to heal emotional wounds, using it to help their patients. 

    Graphic Designer

    Graphic designers are becoming the next big thing in artistic career choices. Graphic designers work closely with clients to project in an image a certain idea or concept. They are most often found working with businesses to promote the business through web design, advertising copy, or image manufacturing. Graphic designers not only need an ability to see a finished project before it is completed, but also a thorough knowledge of specialized design software programs, and a creative mind. 


    Where would we be without the classic Disney movies, such as The Lion King, or Pocahontas? Animators helped to design these movies, using specialized software programs to create images that appear to  move on the screen in a perfectly natural fashion, such as would happen in "real life". Animators must be imaginative to create a character, scene, or movie, including details such small details as eye movements. Today’s animators have been able to create such wonderful work that often, you might not even realize that you are watching an animation!

    These and many other careers in art are available for those wishing to succeed in an artistic career. Natural talent is a must, as is diligence, for art is a competitive field. But for those able to do well, a job in the art community can be a wonderful experience, and financially rewarding. 

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