Best Tools to Manage Multiple Social Networking Sites

Best Tools to Manage Multiple Social Networking Sites

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  1. If you are obsessed with social media, chances are you have more than one social networking account. Most people have both a Facebook and a twitter account, and those who use social media professionally, generally have multiple Facebook pages, twitter accounts, and Facebook accounts (not to mention other accounts like 4Square, etc.). Here are my top 3 picks for managing multiple social media accounts.



    HootSuite might be my favorite app for managing social media accounts. Not only can you add as many accounts as you want with PRO (up to 5 with the free version), but you can also schedule tweets for later and create RSS feeds. HootSuite tracks clicks and demographics of the people who are clicking through your tweets.

    In my opinion, once you get the hang of HootSuite you won’t want to go back to anything else. You even have the option of old-fashioned RTing (RT @username) and new RTing where it just reposts the tweet on your page. It also calculates your klout (online influence).


    TweetDeck is second to HootSuite. It has a great search feature and Twitscoop, which reports on hot twitter trends in a cloud format (something that HootSuite does not have). You can also manage your contacts in groups. This makes it easy for people following over 300 people. 

    This column view is very much appreciated because it is easily organized and makes it simple to see different feeds that you can categorize. Like HootSuite, you can categorize the columns by keyword, sent tweets, your tweets retweeted, etc. There are many options – but TweetDeck is only for twitter.


    LinksAlpha is different from HootSuite and TweetDeck. LinksAlpha is great for people looking to manage RSS feeds and share links on their social media accounts. LinksAlpha has a lot of social media sites to choose from. You can also assign RSS feeds to multiple accounts to publish – everything is easily centralized.

    The complaint is definitely that you can’t see the Twitter feeds – this is only good for sending tweets rather than monitoring and viewing the networks themselves.

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