Choosing the Right Bathing Suit for Your Body Type

Choosing the Right Bathing Suit for Your Body Type

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  1. Not every woman can wear the same bathing suit. We all have completely different body types! What looks good on one woman, might not be flattering on another woman. With fabulous summer holidays like Memorial Day and Independence Day and days of barbecues and beaches in your future, it is best to look your best and thinnest in your swimsuit.

    cameron diaz bikiniAthletic

    Sporty suits are the best for a slender or straight athletic body. Try a bandeau top or an athletic halter with a low cut bottom. Most women with the toned, sleek athletic body type can wear basically any type of bathing suit that they want because their weight is equally distributed. A great celebrity to copy with this body shape is either Kate Hudson or Cameron Diaz.


    For pear-shaped women with smaller busts and larger hips, try a suit that accentuates your bust and draws attention away from your lower body. Try an old-fashioned, pin-up style haltered bikini with a slight push up bra in a pattern with a mix-and-match solid colored bottom. Sarongs are great to cover your hips if you are uncomfortable with your lower body. A great celebrity to copy with this body shape is Rihanna.

    kim kardashian bikiniBusty orĀ Curvy

    A lot of people suggest that curvy women try a one piece to keep the chest under control, but I think that a bikini that accentuates the curves can also be a great option for the younger women. Wider straps provide more support without putting too much weight on the back of your neck. Halter or old fashioned balconette halter tops are also great with bikini bottoms that cover enough, but not too much, are ideal. Great curvy celebs? Kim Kardashian and Sofia Vergara.

    julianne houghPetite

    If you are petite, you want to stick to a suit that will make your legs look longer. Avoid boyshort cuts or swim skirts because they will make you look shorter. Find bikini bottoms that are high-cut in the thigh. V-shaped halter bikini tops also make you look longer. Play it up with color – petite women look best in bright colors! Julianne Hough is a fabulous petite figure to copy with your bikini choice.

    one piece swim suitFull Figured

    Full figured women are vuluptuous and beautiful, but may have more places to hide than the woman with an athletic build. Firming one pieces with delicate neck lines accentuate your bust and hips by drawing in your waist and making an hourglass shape. Don’t go overboard – you don’t want to show too much skin, but you don’t want to hide too much either. If you are wearing a one-piece, wear a sheer sarong, or try a tankini with a skirted bottom.

    Finding a perfect bathing suit is easy if you know what to look for! When in doubt, find a celebrity that has a similar body type to yours, and buy what they buy (they have people they pay for that stuff, anyways!).

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