1. Design your own gorgeous jewelry in less than a half an hour! Have a bracelet to match every outfit, every occasion! The materials needed to make a bracelet like the one pictured are inexpensive and you can make multiple bracelets with your first purchase.

    Materials Needed:

    • Needle nose Pliers
    • Wire cutter
    • Bracelet coil-memory wire
    • Beads

    Supplies can be purchased at any craft store or home improvement store. Beads can be purchased new or collected over time.

    Steps to making your bracelet

    • To begin, cut 5 loops of memory wire with wire cutters.
    • With needle nose pliers make a tiny loop in one end to keep the beads from slipping off. 
    • String beads onto wire until you have only a 1/2″ of wire left open.
    • Make another small loop with your needle nose pliers to secure beads

    Feel free to mix up the beads. String large and small beads, crystal and gemstones…use your imagination! This is a no-mess, easy and fast project for a rainy day or any time you want to create some glamour for yourself! 

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