Diet Must Be Added three Kinds of Vitamins

Diet Must Be Added three Kinds of Vitamins

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  1. Fat in the nutrients would not be enough to download the body is not burning, it requires a lot of nutrients in order to regulate the body’s own fat burning.

    The first body is consumed calories (carbohydrate), followed by the nutrients, and finally the fats. When we do not eat carbohydrates, the body must ensurethat sufficient nutrients to allow the body to burn fat.

    Vitamin C

    Vitamin C can synthesize carnitine to promote fat metabolism, accelerate fat decomposition and combustion. If If the metabolic process, if carnitine deficiency, can lead to fat accumulation, the formation of fatty tissue. Long-term lack of vitamin C, you will certainly be getting fatter. Further research found that adequate intake of vitamin C people burn fat during exercise than inadequate vitamin intake to 30 percent of people. Therefore, MM to pay attention to vitamin C, to avoid the lack of vitamin C affect weight loss.

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