Expertise Help Story – Raoul

Expertise Help Story – Raoul

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  1. The vision of Experts123 is to facilitate people helping each other especially using their expertise.  We want to create over 1 Million helping connections.

    The core principle is there are SO many people who have expertise who want to share it and SO many people who need that exact expertise.  The reality is there is so much wasted time and effort matching those people together at the right time and the right price often.

    Here is my story from this past weekend which embodies an awesome example of the power of this.  I was lucky enough that Raoul offered his help at the exact time I needed it.  

    I was working to get some exercise and doing my thing bicycling on Sunday morning and while going up a huge hill somehow I shifted my gears and my bike chain popped out.  So I figured out enough to get the bike chain back on but then it just kept popping and wouldn’t really hold a gear.  We still had quite a few miles to go to get back so we had to figure something out.

    So there I am with my buddy Keith (at least in a really nice spot along the beach north of Santa Monica.  Beautiful day by the way)  We turn the bike over and we are peddling it while upside down and we see it keep popping and we think the derailer is somehow causing it but we have no idea how to fix it.

    Then up comes Raoul and offers to help.  We say sure and within 1-2 minutes he says it could be a popped or broken link.  Sure enough we find the chain link that is bent and skippng and bend it back and its fixed within 5-10 minutes.  

    To me this is just awesome.  Its a demonstration of providing that needed expertise at the right place at the right time.  Here we were somewhat stuck (no life ending drama but we had a basic problem with very little expertise and honestly a poor diagnosis of the actual cause of the problem) and now within minutes its fixed and we are good to go versus wasting our time and potentially making the situation worse.

    We profusely thanked Raoul before he rode off and told him we never would have thought of the bent chain.  He just said it takes experience.  He smiled as he rode off and I’m sure he felt just as good helping us as we did in receiving his help.  That connection of help, well its really powerful, it makes everyone involved feel good.

    ***Just think though how many things or problems exist that if you had the right person to help could be fixed within minutes.  The alternative often is you cannot fix it yourself at all or it easily takes you 10 times as long and the result is not as good.

    I know everyone has these stories where someone comes along and helps them often using their expertise.  We would love to hear from you.  Write an Article that shares a story of expertise sharing whether it happened on Experts123 or not.  


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