How to Learn More about Big Data

How to Learn More about Big Data

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  1. By the time I publish this it will probably be outdated.  That is how fast new changes are happening with Big Data.  I’m writing this mainly due to the frustration I have with what search engines provide related to results with how to learn just about anything of substance including Big Data.  Search Engine Results are the best thing we have for finding simple stuff like Recipes and Where to Buy Things but for finding certain types of knowledge they still fall short.

    Big Data is such a large space the first step I would suggest if you want to learn more about it is understanding which area of Big Data you want to focus on first.

    Here are the best resources I have found so far to learn about Big Data Tools.

    1. Top Open Source Tools Being Used in Big Data.
    2. Companies involved with Big Data.

    Background/History if you want some reference to where I’ve been.

    The reality is Big Data is emerging very rapidly.  Back when I started doing what I’ll call Big Data in the late nineties when we built data warehouses for companies like Ticketmaster and CitySearch it was comparatively simple.  You typically extracted data from a variety of sources and transformed it (ETL – Extraction Transformation and Load) and loaded it into some type of a large database and called it a data warehouse.

    ***What’s wrong with Search Engines when you actually want to learn something of substance?  Big Data Example.  (coming soon)

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