How to Trim Dogs Nails

How to Trim Dogs Nails

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  1. If you own a dog, chances are high that your dog’s nails will one day need to be trimmed. If you do not want to pay for dog grooming at the hands of a vet, you must learn to do it yourself.

    When to cut a dog’s nails

    Dog nails should be cut when they begin to curve downward.  If they continue to grow at this point, especially the nail on the side of the paw, they will grow inward and prick the skin.


    A dog nail clipper (found at pet stores)

    A leash or harness to hold your dog.  Use a muzzle if needed.


    1. Use either a leash or harness to hold your dog.  Grasp the leash firmly, keeping it wrapped tightly around your hand.  As they say, keep a short leash!
    2. With the same hand, lift one of your dog’s paws. Adjust leash length as necessary.
    3. Begin to clip the nails. Do not clip below the blood vessel in the nail (usually visible).  This will cause bleeding.  If you cannot see the blood vessel in the nail, only clip the tip to avoid accidentally nicking the blood vessel.
    4. Continue for each nail.


    Use a harness and leash for smaller dogs.  This will hold them more securely than a usual leash and collar. 

    Walk your dog at least 3x a week on the sidewalk or another aspahlt surface.  The abrasiveness of these surfaces will naturally file down your dog’s nails to a manageable length, making the need to cut them less frequent.  HOWEVER, the fifth nail does not make contact with the ground and MUST continue to be trimmed by you. 

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