A trip to Yosemite National Park will make you fall in love with California, with the National Park system, and with Yosemite itself. There are many options for staying in Yosemite, from a room at one of the hotels in the park ($150-200 depending on the season), to a cabin in Curry Village ($70-100), to your own tent pitched in one of the park’s many campgrounds ($20).

    Let the Landscape Inspire Your Artistic Side

    With breathtaking vistas around every corner, you can expect to see many artists sketching away in their notebooks, brushing at their canvases, and adjusting their tripods during your visit. Yosemite National Park offers a gold mine of opportunities for honing your photography skills. Both art classes and photography walks are offered in the park in the summer months.

    Participate in a Ranger-Led Program or Tour

    From cemetery walks in the fall where you use just your jack-o-lantern as a flashlight, to summer volunteer opportunities, programs allow you to learn about cultural and geological history as nature surrounds you.

    Hit the Trail

    You can explore Yosemite on a bus, in a raft, on a mule, on a horse, or on a bicycle, but one of the most popular ways to explore is on foot. Hiking trails range from easy (like Lower Yosemite Falls and Mirror Lake) to strenuous (Upper Yosemite Falls and Panorama Trail), with every level in between represented as well. If you’re the type who isn’t satisfied just using two feet, and you need three points of contact, El Capitan and Half Dome are waiting there for you to conquer them. For the beginner, outside agencies book rock-climbing classes so you can work your way up to these impressive feats.

    Hug the Big Trees

    Although railings and barriers prevent actual hugging of the Giant Sequoias in groves like Mariposa, to walk among these ancient and resilient structures is an unforgettable experience. It is worth venturing out of Yosemite Valley to see these mammoth natural wonders.

    Don’t forget the backcountry permits where necessary, and don’t feed the bears. Other than that, enjoy your experience in one of America’s most popular national parks. 

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