1. And just like we rate Super Bowl commercials, hiring managers rate resumes. Give them a dull, poorly organized resume riddled with typos, and sure enough they’re going to pick up that remote and click to the next applicant.

    Conversely, provide them with a sharp, well written and visually appealing resume and they’re going to pick up…not the remote, but the telephone, to call you and schedule an interview.

    In crafting your resume, it is important to remember that just like a 15 or 30 second television commercial, you too have only seconds to convince your audience (hiring manager) why the product (you) should be purchased (called in for an interview). So many resumes miss the mark in this regard. Personally, I think its because nowhere in life are people taught how to promote themselves. Think about it, did you ever take a class in school where you learned how to market yourself professionally, either in person or on paper? If you studied marketing in college and/or are a sales professional, then chances are you’re familiar with sales techniques. The general population, however, lacks such training. Sadly, many qualified candidates are disqualified from great jobs simply because they don’t know how to draw attention to their value, quickly and decisively.

    Let’s take a look at a McDonald’s commercial. McDonald’s wastes no time in telling you why you should eat at their restaurants. The three points they consistently drive home in every advertisement are 1) tasty food 2) happy people 3) save money.

    Your resume should be just as succinct. In a matter of seconds, the hiring manager should know your 1) unique achievements 2) valuable work history and 3) professional goals. Boom! Right there, in black and white.

    If this information is hard to find, poorly presented or missing altogether, your audience is going to pick up that remote and click. We don’t want them to “click”. We want them to “stick” around to learn more.

    You are the STAR of your resume. Tell everyone why you stand apart from the competition, why you are special and most importantly, why you are the missing link to their continued success! 🙂

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