Add Some Color to Your Life

Do you find the simple centerpiece of flowers enticing? The explanation for this sensation is simple.

The spicy contrast of flowers and the autumn foliage in bright yellows, oranges and browns waltz harmoniously when mixed with the lighter hues of pastels. Together, they create an elevation in positive mood. 

Psychologists note that natural colors and scents have a powerful effect on humanity and those that draw interest can greatly influence people’s moods. Corporations know this and have used it to the fullest in their marketing campaigns. 

Shades can easily affect different moods and desires.  

When you’re out and about in the world, gaze at the vibrant colors around you and how they make you feel. Yellows and oranges make people feel happy and give them a boost of energy. If you feel lethargic, stare at a yellow screen for about a minute or so. Your mood should improve after doing this. 

Mellow blues and purples are used as a calming stimulant and looking at the color for a few moments can make one feel relaxed and calm. It is for this reason why the colors are so often used in areas such as hospitals and therapist offices. 

Green gives off a sense of growth and health, which is why we associate it with the environment. Therefore, green shades are notable in eco-friendly packaging at the supermarket. It is often used in health stores as well and this strategy certainly works well.   

On a whole, warmer colors are used to rejuvenate whereas cooler colors promote relaxation. 

Try combining or using these colors in interesting ways when you’re busy redecorating your home. Create the right mood that you want in your life by incorporating this secret of color coordination.   

Colors are not just for surrounding décor. The choice you make with color in picking out an outfit and make-up is just as optimum. One of the most popular and useful items for any self-respecting glamour girl (even those of us over 40) is adding some color with the use of lipstick. In the Roman Empire, the use of lipstick meant that you belonged to a higher class of society. 

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