Starbuzz The Perfect Place for Hookah

Starbuzz Tobacco has added a unique new twist to your classic hookah smoking with its bold and robust tobacco series; Starbuzz Bold line. You can expect some bold and exotic tobacco mixes that you may never have tasted before. Indulge in robust smoking experience along with some unusual spices and tastes from all around the world with us. Check out top 10 Starbuzz Bold hits below down here.

  1. Starbuzz Bold White Chai. It resembles much with Starbuzz White Peach; however, it got some additional zesty tea notes as well. Overall, this spicy peach shisha is a must-try.
  2. Starbuzz Bold White Mint. It is icy, sweet mint tobacco that is a brilliant standalone flavor as well as makes stunning mixes. Try mixing it with Starbuzz Grapefruit or Starbuzz Lemon for a mesmerizing session.

It is always best to start your smoke with low heat. Coconut coals like Coco Buzz and Coco Nara make a perfect choice for this. You can place two to three pieces of lighted coconut coals for one bowl but keep them at equal distance and towards the edge of the bowl. Once the coals burn half the way, turn them around. If you are using high heat, go for two pieces and don’t poke too many holes as it makes the smoke very harsh. Overall, it takes only a couple of minutes to load the bowl and depending on your personal preference; you need to use the coal. 

How Long Can You Enjoy It?

The main characteristic of Starbuzz tobaccos is the lusciousness of tobacco, which will keep your sessions long and delicious. Be ready to blow some flavorsome clouds throughout your long smoke sessions. Depending on how dense you pack your hookah bowl, you will be enjoying the flavorings. The tastes and the buzz will get stronger as you pack the hookah bowl dense. It can get a bit harsh for any new hookah smoker. Hence, if you are starting, go for a fluffy and lightly packed bowl.

You can get this beautiful, juicy Vintage Shisha in a 200 grams’ pack that comes in a resealable package. It is handy and convenient for storing the leftovers after packing your hookah bowls. Moreover, a 200-gram package can give you several sessions depending on how you stuff your bowl. Finally, if you are tired of the fruity and floral shishas, Starbuzz Vintage Delhi Tea is your go-to flavor!

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