Attention Everyone: This Is Code Blue from Starbuzz Bold Series

Starbuzz Tobacco is a renowned tobacco brand that has spoiled the entire hookah-loving community with its exclusive tobacco lines. Today, we are not going to discuss all their lines but share a detailed understanding of a fantastic Bold shisha flavor. Attention everyone; it is Code Blue Hookah Tobacco, which is a creative shisha flavor from Starbuzz Bold series. If Starbuzz Blue Mist is in your good books, then Starbuzz Code Blue will appeal to your demanding taste buds as well. There are rumors that Code Blue is an enhanced version of Blue Mist shisha. It is wrong to believe in this rumor. There is a big difference between the two Starbuzz Shisha. Starbuzz Bold Code Blue is something that you haven’t experienced earlier. So, let us get started.

How Does Starbuzz Bold Code Blue Taste?

Starbuzz Blue Mist features a unique blend of blueberries and a misty hint of mint, but there is no sign of blueberry in Code Blue. Instead, Code Blue got an exceptional, refreshing flavor of mint and an excellent grape soda flavor. Unlike Blue Mist, the mint flavor is very strong in this tobacco. The mint note makes the tobacco unique and inviting. However, there is something mysterious in it. There is a rich, creamy flavor as well, which make the Starbuzz Shisha a real delicacy.

How Long A Bowl of Starbuzz Bold Code Blue Will Last?

It is packed with the right amount of juice, which makes it a perfect tobacco to pack your hookah bowl with. If you are looking forward to having an extended hookah session, keep Starbuzz Bold Code Blue Hookah Tobacco under your consideration. Go for a phunnel bowl for your hookah setup, it is ideal for having long sessions without wasting much tobacco. Such a bowl prevents the tobacco from getting burned. Lastly, finish off your hookah with two to three cubes of good coconut shell coals. These coals give you clean smoke and make smoking hookah more enjoyable.

Is Starbuzz Bold Code Blue Robust?

Starbuzz tobaccos are famous for their robustness, and Code Blue is not an exception. It has a good amount of nicotine that gives you a nice enjoyable buzz.

Can You Blow Dense Clouds With Starbuzz Bold Code Blue?

Of course, you can blow thick clouds of flavorsome clouds. Starbuzz is best-known for that. All you need is a good bowl that will go perfect with Code Blue. The most ideal bowls for this shisha are phunnel and vortex hookah bowls. Not only they need very little shisha, but they also facilitate airflow, which increases the smoke outcome. Hence, you need to pack your bowl very carefully. Moreover, these bowls reduce the risk of burning tobacco. It improves the overall smoke outcome.

Overall, it is a fantastic shisha flavor that Starbuzz has crafted. The mix of grapy soda and strong minty, along with a lovely creaminess, is a splendid combination. It is a big miss if you have tried it yet. Hurry up, order Starbuzz Code Blue today and indulge in a world of bold flavors.   

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