What you need to know about Starbuzz Tropicool Shisha

Starbuzz is a famous shisha producer established in 2005 that is known internationally for their wide range of flavors, distinctive line ups, the buzz, and their dense clouds. With so many amazing flavors to try, you won’t want to miss out on Tropicool, one of the greatest hits from their Bold line up.  Starbuzz Bold flavors are recognized by their unusual yet wonderfully delicious taste with a slight kick. It is the right recipe for hookah smokers looking for strong and full-bodied tastes. Aside from what you may have experienced with fruit flavored shisha, this one has something going for it; uniqueness. It doesn’t focus on a regular mixture of fruits nor do they try to make it excessively sweet either. However, your first impression might be a turn off if you only go as far as sniffing the shisha before smoking it. Set up your hookah right now and start this fruity journey. 

Tropicool features a fine cut with very few stems, if at all. It is a moist shisha that can easily be combined with another flavor or smoked as a standalone, either way, your senses are sure to explode with its sultry taste. It is a robust shisha that smokes differently during the inhale and the exhale, allowing hookah users to take the smoking experience to a whole new level. During inhalation, you’ll be hit with a mellow refreshment, but the fun is just beginning. The fruity sensation hits when you exhale, leaving you with a nice and smooth tropical flavor. 

Starbuzz’s Tropicool shisha is one blend that will knock away the usual fruity shisha competition away. While in the can, it tends to smell overly strong and sweet, even a bit artificial. You can see the high juiciness level as you pack as well. As you prep the shisha and begin the process of smoking it though, it is the opposite of what you will expect the flavor to be. It isn’t that famous Red Fruit Punch flavor that you drank as a child that many fruit flavored shishas offer. It has a medium sweetness to it and a subtle tropical flavor. 

Tropicool is a homogenous blend, but you may be able to taste hints of different fruits as you smoke. The commonly noted flavors in Tropicool are pineapple, banana, papaya, and guava. If cloud production is what you are looking for, then this shisha is also a viable option. The clouds are dense and plentiful throughout the session, just watch your heat! The flavor itself will be steady and smooth throughout as well, so you don’t have to worry about it diminishing. Surprisingly, it does have a menthol sensation at the end, like a fruit flavored gum. Don’t think it’ll be minty though because it is far from that. If you find that this flavor is everything you have asked for, then elate yourself in the fact that Starbuzz also offers Tropicool Steamstones that help produce colossal, yet smooth clouds infused with the perfect fruity flavor.

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