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Spark up Your Collection with the Very Classy Starbuzz Unicus Hookah

There are over 40 amazing hookahs with stunning designs and attributes in Starbuzz’s Hookah line. However, there is one petite, classy hookah that you cannot afford to miss – it is the Starbuzz Unicus. Do not fall for the accessories that come with the hookah, instead check out the material it is made of, sturdiness, […]

Deep Dive into Starbuzz NAR Heat Management System

What is a Heat Management System or Device? It is a device that allows you to monitor and adjust the amount of heat that you like to add to your hookah tobacco. There are many heat management devices available in the market, but one device has clearly beaten all its competitors. It is a proud […]

Shopstarbuzzz Hookah Flavours Try it

The maker takes pride in preparing this exclusive line of fine hookah tobacco without using any synthetic dye, colorant, or flavoring. Not only Delhi Tea but other flavors of Starbuzz Vintage series feature zesty spices, the gracefulness of delicious fruits with a punch of tobacco Starbuzz Vintage Delhi Tea is an amalgamation of tastes that […]

Attention Everyone: This Is Code Blue from Starbuzz Bold Series

Starbuzz Tobacco is a renowned tobacco brand that has spoiled the entire hookah-loving community with its exclusive tobacco lines. Today, we are not going to discuss all their lines but share a detailed understanding of a fantastic Bold shisha flavor. Attention everyone; it is Code Blue Hookah Tobacco, which is a creative shisha flavor from […]

Starbuzz The Perfect Place for Hookah

Starbuzz Tobacco has added a unique new twist to your classic hookah smoking with its bold and robust tobacco series; Starbuzz Bold line. You can expect some bold and exotic tobacco mixes that you may never have tasted before. Indulge in robust smoking experience along with some unusual spices and tastes from all around the […]

Starbuzz Serpent Rouge Hookah Tobacco: It’s Different

Those who love Starbuzz’s Vintage line of hookah tobaccos will find its fourth tobacco collection fun as well. Starbuzz Vintage is a tobacco collection prepared from unwashed dark leaf tobacco leaves. It features deep notes of tobacco, rich flavors, and a balanced buzz. The Serpent is Starbuzz’s latest line that was launched in 2017 after […]

When Classic Becomes Bold and Delicious,You Get Apple Doppio

Today, we are going to talk about this excellent hookah tobacco flavor from the house of Starbuzz. If you got a craze for hookahs, then you must have heard about the brand. It is one of the prominent brands in the hookah industry and has an excellent line of tobacco mixes. Starbuzz has four unique […]

What you need to know about Starbuzz Tropicool Shisha

Starbuzz is a famous shisha producer established in 2005 that is known internationally for their wide range of flavors, distinctive line ups, the buzz, and their dense clouds. With so many amazing flavors to try, you won’t want to miss out on Tropicool, one of the greatest hits from their Bold line up.  Starbuzz Bold […]

Starbuzz Wild Mint

Starbuzz has been giving hookah smokers quality and splendid shisha tobacco since 2005 and their Exotic line is just one of them. With over 70 flavors to choose from this one lineup, Wild Mint has become a top pick for many for various reasons. The most popular reason is its subtle but refreshing flavor even […]

Starbuzz Vintage Tiramisu Tobacco Review

Anyone who knows about the brand must know about this amazing Starbuzz collection too. It features premium quality tobacco flavors made from dark tobacco leaves and rich flavors. The Vintage line is all about the classic flavors, but with a nice, enjoyable tweak in it. If you are looking for some good buzz along with […]